52.8 lbs to go!

by Pamela on March 22, 2013



On a recent login to my Fitbit account, I was greeted with the image above. 58.2 lbs to go. Is that supposed to encourage me? Just kidding. That green portion of the image certainly DOES encourage me. That’s how far I have come. But the remaining 52.8 lbs just seems so huge and dramatic — and this is to my so-called “interim” weight loss goal, the point where I go from being “obese” to being merely “overweight.” 52.8 lbs makes “that last 10 or 15 lbs” seem like a joke.

My counter-attack to these sabotaging thoughts comes in the one-day-at-a-time philosophy. Sure, 52.8 lbs is a lot, but it’s a heck of a lot better than the 86-ish pounds I originally had to lose. I just need to have patience that the 30 pounds I’ve already shed (yippee!) will be followed by many more. I just need to stick to the plan. Fitbit tells me I’ll reach my interim goal sometime in September.

Last week, I attended my first business function since beginning this program, and I got lots of compliments. No one specifically mentioned my weight, but even a stranger remarked on one of my blouses. And those I knew said I looked good in red. I was wearing a red outfit that I’d worn at least twice before at conferences, but this time, it looked good ;) It’s nice to get acknowledgement, though, and the fact that I could walk around wearing my highest bright red heels without too much pain — that was a victory, too.

Traveling, though, threw me a bit off track. I have a hard enough time making shakes when I’m at home and everything is convenient. Put me in a car or an airport, and all hell breaks loose. Or at least it did on this trip. I had a couple of full-fledged meals (and more) of “real food.” One of the times (at the airport) it was clearly because of boredom. I was in a new place, on an expense account, and I had hours to wait before my flight boarded. The second time (in the car) I think I just put off eating for so long that I grew completely weak.

The good part is that I stepped right back onto the wagon after both of those transgressions, and I managed to lose weight over the 2-week period.

I’m now more than halfway through the full fast part of the program. Sometime in May, I’ll start the “refeeding” process, where I add back in one meal at a time. That is going to be the toughest part, I think. But, having come so far, know I will just have to make my mistakes and make adjustments from what I learn. I don’t have to be perfect. If I step off the path, I need to step back on, not change my destination entirely because of a little (or even big) slip-up.

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