Keeping On It

by Pamela on January 28, 2013


I’m reaching the end of week 2, which is a good time to remind myself what I’ve achieved so far and why I need to keep it up. There have been difficult moments, but I’ve managed to stick with it.

  • I’ve lost almost 10 pounds. Yippee!
  • A few things are fitting better: the bright yellow vest I wear for bicycling; my sports bra; a couple rings.
  • I’ve been steadily tracking my food, drinks and exercise, and journaling. Also weighing 1x/day.
  • I’ve practiced some of that mental jujitsu and managed to avoid almost-obsessive thoughts about cheating.
  • I can see the fluid/weight loss in my face — my cheekbones are a little more prominent.
  • I got my husband to watch the “Forks over Knives” documentary with me, and we’ve committed to healthy eating for the whole family, with a much more serious emphasis on a plant-based diet.
  • I went grocery shopping for the family and stuck mostly with the healthy eating whole foods philosophy with my purchases. Photo of shopping cart above. The boys were especially excited about the watermelon.
  • I’ve exercised a few times, including electric cycling to the grocery store and (almost) back. (My electric bike ran out of battery power on the way back — the daunting hills combined with the super-heavy burden of groceries were just too much, so I had to call for rescue.)
  • I’ve delved deeply into a couple of old cookbooks, and a new website, in search of recipes that will be appropriate for after I transition off the shakes. I’m planning to go ahead and start, to practice my cooking and get the whole family on the healthy eating plan.

I think that mostly sums it up — it’s been a very exciting two weeks, needless to say.

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